Taking care of your property compliance needs!

Electrospec prides itself on taking the stress out of the typical property compliance experience. Our property compliance service guides our clients through the inspection, repair and certification stages. We communicate with you, your transferring attorney and estate agent throughout the process. Our work is clean and efficient without compromising on quality.

Electrospec specialises in all five inspections - Electrical, Water (Water By-Law), Beetle (Woodborer), Electric Fence and Gas Certificates of Compliance. We operate throughout the Cape Peninsula, from the Deep South to the Southern Suburbs, City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard and Northern Suburbs.

Electrospec was founded in 2003 by Robin Wood, an installation electrician who has more than 25 years of experience in the compliance industry. We are fully licensed and registered across all our trades.

We believe in transparency, both with our processes and our costs. We have one inspection fee per inspection, we provide a cost per item on our quotations and we guarantee our workmanship.

Whether our clients are interacting with our inspection team or repair teams on site, or communicating with our office or management team, you will receive an all-round professional service.

We believe in giving back to our community and we will work hard to produce resources, advice and support wherever we can.

Electrospec.  Delivering exceptional service – timeously.

“To keep your good name in this business, your service has to be exceptional and beyond reproach at all times.”

- Robin Wood, Owner and Electrical Inspector